This is how it works

Create personalised email messages. Get better results and higher Sales conversions.

How does Slashlead actually work

It takes only 8 steps

Increasing sales by giving Customer Attention has never been this easy.

Ideal for SME- directors, entrepreneurs, marketeers and sales persons.

Create a Campaign

in just a few steps

Step 2: Type One-to-All Personalised Email

Write a compelling story and make a great sales proposition that must be tailored, relevant, and feel special for your selected customers.

Step 3: Create a Landing Page

Create beautiful personalized landing pages in only minutes. A sales form is part of each landing page.

Step 4: Confirmation

After the deal, you can say “Thank you!” to your customer. Be thankful and capture this joyful moment.

Step 5: Contact Segmentation

You arrived at the final step before sending your sales offer, the most crucial step. Select carefully your target audience from your own CRM, CSV, Excel or Text.

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