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Tips and Tricks for cold Emailing

by | Posted on January 08, 2019

No one likes to get them and no one likes to compose and send them but once they are used correctly they can generate leads for your company. Of course, we are talking about cold emails. Cold emailing is sending an email to a potential customer with whom you have had no contact yet. One of the risks of sending such a cold email is that most of these emails end up in the spam folder or in the trash. If you don’t want your emails to find oneself on a pile of spam than you should have a look at our tips and tricks to make sure your cold email is the hottest out there.

The subject line The subject line is one of the most important aspects of cold email. According to the National E-mail Research the average amount of emails received per day was 79. That is a lot of email. With 79 new mails in an inbox it is essential to have an appealing subject line so that the mail is actually opened and not disposed with the other 78 emails. In 2016 37% of the mails were read on a smartphone. When you have a long subject line it may fall of the screen of a smartphone. That’s why you should use a subject line with approximately 3-5 words. Try some different subject lines. Experiment with different styles and different calls to action. See what works and what does not.


Keep it short

When a customer opens an email they are not waiting for a 10 minutes’ read about the product. Keep it short and clear. A cold email should not be more than 5 sentences. Each sentence should persuade the customer to read the next one.


Make it personal

A standard email script may be very handy when you send multiple emails. This is very impersonal and your customers might figure out that you use a script. Make your email as personal as possible by doing a bit of research before composing an email. Get to know your customers, what they like and where their interests lie. Let your customer know why you contacted them and not their colleague.


Follow up

So it has been a week since you have sent the cold email but you still have no reaction. There is no need for panic but time for the follow up. Some customers experience a follow up as annoying but the rest of the customers have appreciation for the determination and the perseverance. Almost every cold email needs a follow up so cold emailing asks for determination and patience. If you don’t get a reaction after diverse follow ups than you can analyze your email with the help of the next questions?

  1. Are the subject lines appealing enough?
  2. Are the emails reliable and trustworthy?
  3. Are the benefits from the product or service clear enough?
  4. Are the emails the right length?
  5. Is the offer in the mail clearly stated and easy to fulfill?

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